Ozumo Bingo Game
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How to participate

Before voting, first it is necessary to do the participant register,
(only the one which entry is done for the first time).
Please enter The participation register (the provisional registration).

The participation register (the provisional registration)
with mail address is entered in order (to prevent the mistake, 2 time),
please push the [Submit] button.

Email Address= ( Send Registration URL )
Confirm Address=

The mail of the title, OBG Registration URL is sent.
Clicking URL which has been attached to the text, please advance to high grade registry.

Registration Name=


In the address which it inputs [high grade registry] URL of business The mail it transmits.
Please put the participant name and the password from the Entry form,
push the [Login] button, and enter when the participation registration is
completed. The vote screen also in top page with is display.

How to entry

Rikishi is entered at every the block of 9 = 3 * 3 pieces in total in width in length.
It is an image of the cell of Excel. Even A1, A2...C3 is selected.
Rikishi who can select it is only "Hiramaku". Preliminary rikishi are 3 people.
The content of the vote can be confirmed by pushing the [Reply] button.
Please push the [OK] button if it is good.

When revoting, the screen is displayed to the result that has already been voted as it is.
Please correct the content, and push [Reply] --> content confirmation --> [OK] button again.
The content of the vote is updated.

Please confirm the participant list of Result to the content of the vote.

Rikishi Absent

The block of the rikishi that a preliminary rikishi was absent starts when the selection rikishi is absent.
When two or more selection rikishis are absent on the same day,
it replaces it from the reserve in order of priority of replenishment.
It returns to the state before it is absent because of the exchange with a preliminary rikishi at re-participation.
(ex) Case where cell B2 is absent on the way




Selection rikishi win = 1pt, Ginboshi (won Ozeki) = 1pt, Kinboshi (won Yokozuna) = 2 bonus pts.
If win becomes complete in either length or the side of nine block diagonal,
the bonus of the line the number of * 1 point that becomes complete.
Total score is win pts, line pts, Kinboshi pts, and Ginboshi pts.
If 9 rikishi win, you have Perfect ! but not bonus.


It ..order.. falls in order with a high score.
It gives priority to win pts / line pts for the same point.

Yusho, Sansho

YushoMost total pts. It decides it in win, line, Kinboshi, and order of Ginboshi at the same point.
Shukun-PrizeMost perfect number. Sub perfect, Kinboshi, and Ginoboshi at the same point.
Fighting-PrizeMost win pts.
Techinical-PrizeMost line pts. One with high total point at the same point.
(etc)Sansho player selected other than Yusho.


under 70All--
from 70 to under 10042Other all-
from 100 to ...4228Other all

Ozeki Promotion

1Each stage sekiwake winning the class-champion is
the overall winner regardless of the number of places
21 above except the last two places serve more than three reign.
3Sekiwake place just before the reign of more than a total of 32 wins.
A total of more than 31 locations during the reign of three or more victories.
43 of the above three places ahead of all that is required.
5Location is just before 10 or more victories.
6The above location is just before 3 + 1 class-champion wins.

Yokozuna Promotion

1Makuuchi Yusho as Ozeki
223 or more wins as Ozeki in the recent 2 bashos.

Sanyaku demote

1Sekiwake junior champion following 7 wins in the three-part fall unconditional
2Each junior champion wins sekiwake 8 junior champion to fall hiramaku
3Ozeki following wins in 8-plus point fall.
Fall 2 points to reach sekiwake fall
4Ozeki wins more than 10 points clear in the fall
5Ozeki immediately after the fall of 10 wins in return.
However Kadoban and treatment

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